Friday, October 23, 2009

What's SUP?

A couple weekends ago I tried stand up paddleboarding. It's the second time I've given the sport a try and the first time I've done it in the surf. We rented a board for the weekend and headed to Tofino, on Vancouver Island's west coast. The surf was eight feet and falling throughout the weekend. I managed to find a fairly sheltered beach brake to get my surfing legs.

Josie Boulding, my wife, a photographer and videographer, caught one of my early attempts and I turned it into a little video. I swear, by the time the weekend was over I was getting some great rides. And check out that sunset ride - it looks even better after a couple beer.

Not sure if I'm ready to make the $1500 initial investment, but I can see why it's thought to be the fastest growing paddle sport in North America, according to a recent article in SNEWS, an online news service for outdoor retail shops. By Christmas there will be three magazines dedicated to the sport.

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