Friday, October 1, 2010

Third place finish in adventure race

At the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race a summer of paddling helped me claim third place in the solo men's category, September 25. The 50 kilometre race was long and hard, made tougher by windy and wet weather and a cold.

I was feeling so crappy I almost pulled out the night before, but I pushed through and am glad I did. I did well on the opening paddling leg, surfing my surf ski on the small waves blowing down Comox Lake near Cumberland, British Columbia. I landed in second overall, first solo boat.

The mountain bike leg was my weakness and I got passed by a few teams getting to the trail running/orienteering transition. I held my own here, despite a few mistakes, and was back on the bike, for the second bike stage, in third overall, but I was tired. It didn't take long before several solo guys had passed me, relegating me to fifth. I didn't care though. The riding in Cumberland is so much fun it's impossible to be in a bad mood bombing the single track.

The race ended with another orienteering section. Despite being dead tired I managed to claw my way back for third. I was super happy and know if I'd made a couple of better navigation decisions I could have challenged for second.

Photo: That's me on the left standing next to winner Todd Nowack and second place finisher Jeremy Grasby.

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