Sunday, January 3, 2010

Icefall Lodge, ski pant review: more articles in Skiing Magazine

The best ski run of my life has been immortalized in the pages of Skiing Magazine's December issue. The article I wrote about Icefall Lodge focuses on the highlight of the trip, a 5,000 foot descent that included an aptly named section, The Playground. Natural half pipes, cliffs, lips, ramps and pillows were on tap, as was a sweet ski right into the heart of a glacier. It was unreal.

In the same issue is a ski pant review. I called in 20 odd new ski pants and put them through their paces, handed them off to ski bums and generally abused them. In the end I reviewed eight for Skiing. Four appear in the online article.

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  1. Good idea to put ski pants in the paces, and knowing about ski reviews is mandatory for all here.